If you have any questions not covered below please email me.

I've never modeled before, can I still shoot?

Absolutely. You don't need any prior experience in modeling. If you do though, that's great. I will show you very basic poses that anyone can use in order to get stunning results.

Special request photo edits, how much?

If you would like special edits done to your photos, (Removal of Pimples, blemishes, imperfections etc...) Since detailed editing is very time consuming. There will be an extra charge of $25 for every 3 photos I edit if you choose.

TFP (Free) vs Paid

TFP shoots are limited on time of the session and photos taken. Also TFP photos will have a watermark on them and are not guaranteed priority. A paid shoot can last over an hour. Photos taken are a minimum of 60 and you get first dibs on time and date. Also there is no watermark on the final images.

How does payment work?

Cash is easiest. Bring to the shoot and pay at the start. If not check or App based payment can be arranged.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a free cloud storage service I've been using for years. I upload your finished photos and send you a simple link via email. You then can save those images to your computer.

Can I print my photos?

For TFP (free) shoot you cannot. For a paid shoot you may, since no watermark will be on the final images and they will be the full high resolution version of the photos.

What if I reschedule or can't make it after I pay?

If you book a session and can't make it do to an emergency, I would be happy to refund your money or hold it until another set date.

Can I bring someone with me to a shoot?

Yes you can. I want everyone to feel safe and if you would like to bring a friend, family member etc.. with you, please do. I want my clientele to enjoy their shoot. Keep in mind that just because you bring someone doesn't mean I'm going to photograph them. If they want to be in the shoot with you, they will have to pay as well.

Do you have a studio?

I have a small home studio which lets me create dramatic lighting and keeps us out of the elements.

Will you travel to me?

Yes I do travel, but I do charge extra to come shoot outside of Hamilton County. Please contact with the location you would like and we can discuss options.

What gear do you use?

My main camera is an Olympus OM-D MkII with several lens, also several flash units, softboxes, colored lights etc...

Can I have the RAW files for free?

No, most consumer based software cannot open the file and the files are very large making the transfer of these files to clients tough.

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